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Protect your staff

Wireless Alert Point

Direct Page or standard 173 MHz format Key resettable panic point.  

Panic Alarms


Disabled Toilet Alarm

Fall Prevention

Out of bed detection

Out of chair detection

Pir Movement Detectors

Epilepsy Sensor Kit

Care Pendant & Pager

Wireless Disabled WC Alarms


DPL Mini transmitter

DPL Serial Paging Transmitter

DPL Paging Booster

DPL Single channel Receiver


DPL Dry Contact Transmitter

Panic Alarms

DPL Panic Point

Panic Point 173MHz

DPL Alert Point

Alert Point 173MHz

DPL Alert Strip

Swimming Pool Alarm

Nurse Call

DPL Direct Page Nurse Call

TFF Nurse Call 173MHz

Fire Alert Equipment

Shield Fire Alert

FireLink 173

Telecare Products

Looking for a solution for fall detection, Out of Bed or Chair detection. We offer solutions if you have an application.

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Paging Products

The smallest Wireless Direct Page full text transmitter modules. Low cost solution. Connect it to your product.

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Panic Alarm Products

Looking for a simple panic alarm. Just press the button and it calls a pager or display.

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Nurse Call Products

NEW - Wireless Direct Page Nurse call system. Low cost solution. Perfect for small properties.

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