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Direct Page or standard 173 MHz format Key resettable panic point.  

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DPL Pocsag Wireless Multi Pull Disabled Toilet Alarm

The Direct Page London wireless disabled toilet alarm is designed to meet the needs of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in all public buildings. It provides a high quality featured system at an economical cost. The installation of the system is very simple, requiring only two screws to fix each unit in its required place.  As an optional extra the unique design allows this product to send full text messages direct to pocket pagers or displays without the need for alteration. Repeater / Booster available to to increased range up to 5 - 8 miles if required.

A perfect product for simple installation and use on large sites like superstores, shopping centers, Day centers, Doctors surgery, Disabled public toilets, Hotels, Pubs, Boats, Swimming pools, Gyms, Leisure center, Work places of all types where short to long distance indication of alarm activation is required. No other extra equipment needed for short range use (See optional section below). Product factory programmed, so just place the batteries in each piece of equipment and you’re ready to go.

DPL Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit 1

The standard Direct Page London Kit 1 system comprises a ceiling mounted pull cord unit with a reassurance LED,  Disabled Sticker, an over door beacon with built in sounder.


Multi pull action on pull cord allows for call and cancel operation without the need for a cancel point.

Battery Low

All products use a self contained battery power source, with a long life battery. All products have built in automatic battery monitoring.

Technical information

Data Sheets

General information

Complies with EN 300 220-3 & EN 301 489-3

**(4 selectable frequencies, requires hand programmer if factory setting not required. Part number: DP-PROG-433-A)

Optional Product

Pocket Pager comes with holster, short safety lanyard and battery. Range 400 metres ext. Product code :- DP454-4620-7950

Repeater comes with stub aerial and power adaptor. Extends pocket pager range up to 5 - 8 miles. Product code :- DPRTX-500

Disabled sticker (5 pack) Product code :- DTA-WC-STICKER

For trade or retail prices please contact our sales team T: +44 (0)1202 007454 or E:

Product code





Pull Cord transmitter

Receiver Sounder/Beacon

Complete kit -


433 - 460MHz**

433 - 460MHz**

 Pull cord + Receiver


Lithium CR2450 Cell

Lithium AA 3.6V Cell


-10C to +50C

-10C to +50C

Battery Life

3 years (Max)

3 years (Max)

Max Operating Range

30 - 50 metres internal & 100 - 150 metres external

Sound Output Range


60 - 65dBa

Transmission Format



Receiver Format



DPL Pocsag Wireless Multi Pull Disabled Toilet Alarm