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Protect your staff

Wireless Alert Point

Direct Page or standard 173 MHz format Key resettable panic point.  

Panic Alarms

+44 (0) 1202 007454

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Heavy Duty Pressure Mat

Why not pay that little extra to have a long lasting mat. Last 6 x longer than other mats on the market today.Mat has textured surface.


Evolution Fall Sensor Kits

Unique product gives the user far more flexibility than any product on the market today. Simple storage. Full bed and chair coverage.

Standard Pressure Mat

Our pressure mats come fitted with an in line switch does yours. Polyplush mats available to cover mat if required.

PIR Movement Detectors

Our PIR detectors can be placed to detect the movement of a person for the purpose of fall prevention and restricted access.

Bed & Chair Fluid Detection Kits

We can offer a range of products to detect spillage of fluids in beds and chairs due to incontinence.

Radio Disabled Toilet Alarms

Full range of quick fit British standards compliant Radio Disabled Toilet alarms. Contact our sales office for details.

Epilepsy Sensor kit

We can provide solutions for the detection of seizures. Please contact our sales office for details.

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Big Red Button

The Big red button allows the user to call for assistance using the edge of a hand or another method. Plugs into many devices.

Care Pendant & Pager

Care pendant can transmit a choice of full text messages direct to a pocket pager / display. Simple kit. Up and running in minutes.

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